About Company

Please, you can contact us by phone +38 067-5935940 or send us an e-mail to office@molochka.com. 

We offer direct deliveries of equipment for dairy farms from the German manufacturers. We possess wide experience in the construction and reconstruction of milk farms (cow, sheep, and goat farms as well). We provide complete and high quality technical services for all equipment and machinery. Upon request we are ready to provide competent expertise in the field of milk farming. It includes all technological issues as well as investment and business advice. We would be happy to discuss any possibility of mutually beneficial cooperation. 

Our company is specialized in milk farming technologies andbusiness. We strongly believe that Ukraine has a huge potential in milk farming and our mission is to help realize it. We understand specifics of Ukrainian market and business environment, andwe are ready to provide expertise in the area of ‘milk’ industry in Ukraine including market research, strategy development, equity valuation, investment analysis, asset management advising, due diligence, etc. 

Besides business services we sell full range of equipment and machinery for milk farms. Our products include forage harvesting machinery, feed mixers, milking parlors and milk cooling equipment, barn equipment, as well as milk-processing and milk-selling machines.

We offer the following milk farm equipment:
  • Milk parlors (herringbone, parallel, carousel, etc.), the milk-pipe plants, robotic milking
  • Milk cooling systems, pre-coolers, heat recovery
  • Manure systems (scraper installation, pumps, lagoons)
  • Stall equipment, tie stalls, feeding fences for cattle, system partitions
  • Cow mattresses and rubber mats
  • Tread padding
  • Troughs, drinkers and the ring heating systems
  • Roll-up ventilation and tarp walls
  • Sash windows
  • Roof ridges, different specifications from 30 cm to 250 cm
  • Intense lighting systems
  • Systems of fans
  • Calf Igloos, boxes and stalls
  • Hoof care stands
  • Animal care and brushes
  • Doors and gates
  • Feeding stations for individual feeding (e.g. linked to milk yield)
Harvesting machinery LELY
  • Mowers (rear-mounted, front, triplex, trailer)
  • Tedders,
  • Rakers,
  • Self-loading / universal trailers (forage wagons)
  • Large square balers,
  • Round balers,
  • Choppers 
Feed Mixers Siloking/Mayer
  • Self-propelled mixers from 10 to 30 m3 (maximum productivity, the calculation of return on request)
  • Vertical mixer wagon from 3 to 45 m3 (trailer)
  • Choppers of straw bales for bedding, belts and other accessories
  • Stationary mixers from 3 to 80 m3 for the integration into feeding systems, biogas plants, or feeding centers
  • Towed and self-moving feeders Silokamm - equipment for loading and distribution of silage
Equipment for processing and sale of milk:
  • Electromagnetic milk flow meters
  • Pasteurizers (milk, eggs, etc.), capacity 160-10.000 liters per hour
  • Pasteurizing bath (50-1000 L)
  • Troughs for the production of cheese, cottage cheese (50-1500 liters), a cheese press
  • packing machine (200-2000 cups per hour)
  • Fillers of milk bottles from 200 bottles to 1,000 liters per hour (0.2-2 liter bottle size)
  • CIP-4 system of central clearing
  • Milk-processing machines according to customer’s specification
  • Turn-key projects of milk processing plants up to 50 000 l per day
  • Milk vending machines (stationary and mobile) for direct sales of milk (40 to 600 liters and more)
Business planning and financing
In order to minimize costs and use resources more efficiently, we offer our customers the preparation of working business plans. We also help find financing for the purchase of the equipment.

Design, construction and reconstruction
We assist our clients in the design of modern buildings for milk farms, and we are ready to provide our customers with full range of works related to construction or reconstruction of the milk farms.
On request, we are ready to act as an independent consultant for your business. We will help you choose the appropriate technologies and equipment, contractors, and other matters at any stage of the dairy project. In this case, on all issues, we fully uphold the interests of the customer.

We hope you like our offer. We are ready to discuss with you any questions about equipment or cooperation.

For more information, please, see Ukrainian or Russian version. The most information is not available in English. Please, contact us by phone +38 067 5935940 or e-mail at office@molochka.com for any requests in English. Thank you for your interest!